• Janet Driggers. Owner

Are you ready to TRAVEL

Did you booked your own travel online the beginning of the year? Did you have a hard time canceling your trip, getting a refund or booking another one?

Carefree Cruise and Travel can take care of all that for you and start you on a great All Inclusive or Cruise after this Covid-19 is over. With us you have a face to face communication not a screen that doesn't talk back.

Carefree Cruise and Travel had a few clients who had to cancel and it was no problem getting a refund and a couple re-booked for 2021 to be safe.

Right now I'm sure you (like me) are really feeling VERY cooped up and sir crazy, and dreaming of that Beach vacation. Sitting by the shore being waited on. or a Cruise which will give a sample of different islands.

Prices are amazing right now because all the resorts and cruise lines want your back.

SO....Call us and we will be happy to create a Carefree Vacation for you

Carefree Cruise & Travel


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